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that sounds like responsibility and i want no part in it

track name: Ocean Guide
artist: One Piece Film Z
album: One Piece Film Z OST
play count: 1167

One Piece Film Z OST | Ocean Guide

track name: Fight Like A Girl
artist: Emilie Autumn
play count: 1359

and if i end up with blood on my hands

i know that you’ll understand


I remember an /a/non saying how fun a Jojo go-kart videogame would be and I couldn’t help imaging buff Jojo dudes crammed into tiny fabulous cars and thus I spend the past week designing jo-karts…. Got sketchy at the end oops….

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There’s this gallery of voiced sound clips you can access in ASB, and when you get to Vento Aureo’s gallery, you can hear Mista’s VA voicing this little scene

I thought I would share so we could all understand what Narancia had to go through

EDIT: and since tumblr is not letting me make a new post for it, here’s the link to the Capcom version of the same scene (as in voiced in the Golden Wind PS2 game)

you might actually want headphones to listen to that one. Just a little. Maybe.

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30 Days One Piece Challenge: 

♒ Day 11: Favorite New Character: Issho (Fujitora)